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​Restaurant Manager

​“I have to be honest. I was skeptical. But, I feel different, even last night. The knee jerk reactions I have been experiencing seem quieter. It’s odd, because they were so common, I’m still anticipating them and I’m almost confused when I’m not fighting the feelings I’m used to fighting.”


​Designer and Mom

“I am seeing some great changes so far. I find my mind racing less and we had a glass of wine at my sisters (she just moved back from WV and bought her first house) and I didn’t get that head rush that would have led me to another glass. So being me, I had to test yesterday to see if it was a fluke. Nope! I’m amazed so far.”



​”This therapy is truly a Godsend. I’ve experienced such personal growth in my own sessions. It happens so quickly, yet so easily. I recommend my patients to Heidi, especially those that still struggle with chronic emotional and addiction issues. It’s a gamechanger!”


Heidi Stossel, RN, TMHP


​​Blue Lotus Energetix has developed a winning combination of services that address physical and emotional imbalances. Utilizing high end bio and neurofeedback technology to help identify your hidden roadblocks. Find out what YOUR body has to say!​

​Blue Lotus Energetix

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